Dual Diagnosis Treatment West Palm Beach

Dual Diagnosis Treatment West Palm Beach

Our dual diagnosis treatment in West Palm Beach is crucial for a smooth, comfortable, and safe recovery from co-occurring disorders. At Emerge Recovery Center, we know that most addiction victims struggle with addiction-related mental health disorders as well, impacting their ability to remain sober and live healthy and balanced lives as a result. Our treatment approach aims to solve that.

Do I need dual diagnosis treatment?

You can’t know what type of treatment you need without going through an in-depth clinical assessment process. Our professionals conduct comprehensive clinical evaluations for every client looking to sign with our inpatient or outpatient rehab in South Florida. The evaluation’s purposes include:

  • Checking the patient’s physical and mental health
  • Looking for signs of mental health problems
  • Assessing the addiction’s severity and gathering data about the substance used, addiction’s length, etc.
  • Assessing the withdrawal symptoms
  • Propose corrective rehabilitation and treatment programs based on the findings
  • Tailoring a patient-oriented recovery approach for immediate and long-term benefits

Following the intake process, you will begin the recovery program under our professionals’ strict supervision. If you require mental health assistance, our Mental Health Program will place you in an inpatient setting where you will participate in therapy and counseling sessions meant to address emotional and mental traumas.

Dual diagnosis outpatient treatment

Our South Florida addiction treatment continues after inpatient rehab with outpatient-based programs like PHP and IOP. Both operate on a non-intensive basis, providing patients with structure, clinical support, and long-term guidance for social reintegration and relapse prevention. The goal is to help our rehab patients recover their mental and emotional stability and support them throughout their recovery journey.

Our professionals will devise long-lasting recovery treatments based on medication, therapy, and counseling, allowing you to recover at your own pace and meet your job and family-related obligations at the same time. You'll no longer have to spend your nights at our center since you can now easily manage your disorders on your own. The outpatient program is the final phase in the treatment, consisting of two hours of therapy per day. It relies on minimal intervention, and its primary goal is to help patients build a stable, healthy, and fulfilling lifestyle over the years.

The best W. Palm Beach addiction treatment services

If you struggle with debilitating co-occurring mental health issues, we advise you to contact our team as soon as possible. Tackling these disorders in their incipient phases is critical for smooth and safe rehabilitation. Our dual diagnosis treatment in West Palm Beach has the highest success rate for promoting and ensuring life-long sobriety for patients dealing with severe co-occurring mental health problems.

Addressing your disorder as early as possible will help you recover faster and remain stable and sober with minimal effort over the years. Contact our clinical staff at Emerge Recovery Center, ask us about our programs and payment methods, and we’ll make an appointment for intake and treatment. You will participate in a life-changing rehabilitation journey that will allow you to live a healthier, stable, and more fulfilling life, free of addiction and any debilitating mental issues.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment West Palm Beach

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment West Palm Beach

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