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Recovering from Addiction

Addiction can devastate an individual’s life, affecting their physical and mental health, destroying relationships, and creating financial hardship. Despite the costs of addiction, many people don’t realize how important it is to recover from addiction. Recovering from addiction can be challenging but is essential for achieving long-term health and wellness. Emerge Recovery Center helps those suffering from addiction get the support and guidance needed to overcome their struggles and start on a path toward healing. You can learn more about a disease with our in-depth guides and quiz.

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Drug Addiction Recovery

Sometimes drug dependence can hinder your life with countless issues. Discover more about this different substances that are abused and how Emerge Recovery Center can assist you to locate recovery and achieve a life without drugs.


People undergoing alcohol’s negative effects at a younger age prove that it does not take long for damage to occur. Emerge Recovery Center offers a unique and unique approach to treating alcoholism.

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Have you ever heard that anything in life worth pursuing is difficult? Recovering from alcohol and or substance abuse is certainly worth doing and is not simple. True recovery offers many more gifts than just a short escape from the consequences of abuse. Emerge Recovery treatment Center understands that this recovery’s purpose is the project’s foundation. Our entire team has training in this field and uses proven treatment options for every client in a secluded setting. Our goal and desire are for each client to experience a rewarding life.



Did You Know Insurance May Cover The Cost Of Rehab?
Many people don’t seek assistance for substance abuse because they believe they can not afford it. However, the Affordable Care Act has made it considerably easier for individuals to receive treatment for substance abuse and mental health disorders. We will work with your insurance provider to help you get better. Below is a list of the insurers we work with:


  • We offer a quiet, soothing environment, where customers are the main attraction.
  • We understand that different people have various obstacles to overcome, and we provide a multitude of resources to address each client.
  • Our location is approximately 18 minutes away by car from Haverhill, Florida.
  • We offer a wide selection of therapy options, including individual, group, and family therapy, using modern tools and techniques.
  • A lot of our specialists have experience with addiction, with many of them personally being a recovering addict.

Drug Addiction History of Haverhill Florida

Haverhill, Florida, is a small town in Palm Beach County with a population of about 2752. It has been the backdrop for some of history’s most notorious drug addiction stories. The area around Haverhill is known for its high concentrations of illicit drugs such as cocaine, heroin, marijuana, prescription drugs, and other narcotics smuggled into town regularly. Many residents have become addicted to these substances over time due to their easy availability in the area.

In recent years, Haverhill has seen a decrease in overall crime rates. Improvements have been made in public safety initiatives, such as increased police presence and programs designed to reduce drug access. The Emerge Recovery Center is an outpatient rehabilitation center that offers Haverhill residents individualized care and support from a licensed team of professionals.

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This place saved my life. I still stop by periodically to visit with the staff because they are wonderful and care so much about the clients. I live a life i never dreamed of and it all began here. Always my number 1 recommendation. Great place. Great staff. Great start to recovery.

Emerge Recovery Center was extremely helpful, the staff is great and the program is very efficient and helpful. I would highly recommend Emerge Recovery center for anyone looking for safe environment to detox.

Great facility where client’s can truly get the intimate and individual care that they deserve. The staff have gone out of their way to see that all client needs are met and provide top of the line treatment modalities. Very professional and courteous all around.