Palm Beach Mental Health Treatment

Palm Beach Mental Health Treatment

Emerge Recovery Center is a top-rated palm beach mental health treatment facility with a compassionate and dedicated staff team. We help individuals battling with mental health issues attain improved psychiatric wellness using psychotherapies and medication-assisted treatments.

Motivational Interviewing for addiction treatment

Motivational interviewing (MI) is an advanced therapeutic technique that we use to strengthen our patients’ motivation and commitment to recovery and sobriety. It is a popular psychotherapy used to address addiction and substance use disorders in patients by top mental health hospitals in Florida. Motivational interviewing helps recovering addicts combat their fears or insecurities and fosters their confidence and determination to get sober.

It also encourages recovering addicts to create their own goals, making them feel more in control of their own recovery. While other therapies require the patient to submit to treatment or therapist, MI focuses on helping recovering addicts feel empowered and realize that the ability to make changes lies within them.

Importance of mental health treatment in recovering addicts

Individuals battling substance abuse disorders must sign up for a mental health residential program because most addictions stem from an underlying psychiatric issue. While some individuals develop an addiction condition due to underlying trauma, some addicts start to develop conditions like depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, etc., as a result of a substance abuse disorder.

Florida mental health treatment programs reduce your risk for relapse in the long term and equip you with the necessary tools to lead a sober, healthy, and satisfying life. As one of the leading psychiatric residential treatment centers and rehab in Florida, we follow a holistic treatment approach and address the imbalances of the mind, body, and spirit of recovering addicts. Furthermore, receiving mental health treatment in your journey towards sobriety can help you attain improved mental wellness and emotional stability.

Benefits of REBT

Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy is a form of CBT focused on helping recovering addicts change their irrational beliefs. Here are some of the benefits of REBT and how it impacts patients in recovery:

  • Identifies irrational thought patterns and beliefs

Our team of therapists identifies the underlying feelings and beliefs that lead to mental distress. This can be anything from feeling excessively upset over something or feeling like you have no control over your own joy and contentment, etc.

  • Challenge irrational beliefs

Once we identify the underlying irrational beliefs, we challenge them via specific confrontational methods. Our therapists try to be honest and logical to help patients make positive changes in their thoughts and behaviors.

  • Gain insight and change behavior

Accepting that irrational beliefs are unhealthy can be a daunting process. Our therapists work with patients and help them identify their problematic beliefs and encourage them to change these thoughts.

Our goal with REBT is to help recovering addicts respond rationally to stressful situations. Contact our clinical team at 844-495-0093 to learn more about our palm beach mental health treatment. Emerge Recovery Center is the #1 addiction facility with evidence-based therapies and an exceptional staff team.

Palm Beach Mental Health Treatment

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Palm Beach Mental Health Treatment

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