Schizo-effective Rehab South Florida

Schizo-effective Rehab South Florida

If you need help with your mental health problem, Emerge Recovery Center is leading schizo-effective rehab in South Florida with a highly experienced team of mental health therapists and psychiatrists. Our customized treatment approach and personalized attention can help you attain improved mental wellness and empower you with critical skills to overcome addiction.

What is a dual diagnosis?

The presence of mental health disorders along with addiction is called a dual diagnosis. Patients with a dual diagnosis require an integrated treatment plan to attain comprehensive recovery from their psychiatric and behavioral health problems.

Do all alcohol or drug users suffer from mental health issues?

A National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) states that over 45% of individuals with an addiction condition suffer from a co-occurring mental health problem. If you suffer from a dual diagnosis, make sure to join a reputed South Florida dual diagnosis facility to stand the best chances of attaining successful recovery.

What is Schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a brain disorder that impairs an individual's ability to differentiate imaginary from reality. It affects one percent of Americans, and these conditions' symptoms can be similar to that of multiple personality disorders. 

Individuals with schizophrenia can find it intimidating to respond to social situations appropriately and face difficulties with interpersonal relationships or at work or school.

What is the connection between schizophrenia and addiction?

Patients with schizophrenia often resort to alcohol or drugs to temporarily escape the symptoms of their mental health problem. While some people inherit schizophrenia from their family members, a few may develop this condition due to imbalances in their brain structure and chemistry. We address dual diagnosis with a customized approach at our West Palm Beach schizoaffective treatment center. 

Do I have a dual diagnosis?

The signs and symptoms of dual diagnosis can differ from one person to another depending upon the severity of your co-occurring mental problem, substance abused, and length of abuse. Some of the symptoms of dual diagnosis include:

  • Sudden change in general behavior
  • Difficulty managing everyday responsibilities
  • Avoiding social activities, events, and gatherings
  • Neglecting health and hygiene
  • Cognitive impairments and disillusioned thinking

Do I need treatment for schizophrenia?

If you experience any of the symptoms, you must enroll in a schizoaffective disorder treatment program in the early stages. Leaving schizophrenia untreated can lead to suicidal thoughts, erratic and impulsive behaviors, and problems at work or in relationships. As a leading rehab schizophrenia treatment in South Florida, we offer unsurpassed treatment and care in a world-class addiction facility.

Do I have schizophrenia?

If you experience delusional thinking, disorganized speech, hallucinations, disorganized motor or catatonic behavior, lack of interest or motivation, you may have schizophrenia. However, the symptoms can vary from one person to another. Make sure to meet with a treatment professional to receive a proper diagnosis.

How we treat schizophrenia?

We use an integrated treatment plan to address schizophrenia encompassing counseling, medication management, and psychotherapy programs. 

Call Emerge Recovery Center at 844-495-0093 to join our schizo-effective rehab in South Florida. Our treatment approach allows us to identify and treat the underlying mental health problems in patients, which reduces their risk for relapse in the long term.

Schizo-effective Rehab South Florida

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