Substance Abuse West Palm Beach

Substance Abuse West Palm Beach

Getting rid of chemical dependency and recovering from substance abuse is a big decision that can transform your life for the best. The Emerge Recovery Center of substance abuse west palm beach is a perfect place to experience this life-altering transformation.

Our basic motto is to work on the underlying factors that have caused you to take substance abuse as your safe zone. So that once the treatment is over you can have a substance-free life later as well. For that, we formulate South Florida addiction treatment plans and therapies individually based on every patient's history and present.

We offer a small intimate setting to help you relax, reflect and recover under the constant supervision and assistance of the most experienced medical team of South Florida. Deciding on the best possible treatment will require you to understand your or your loved ones’ condition. Here is everything that you need to know before getting into any of the rehabs in South Florida.

Difference between Substance Abuse and Chemical Dependency

  • Substance abuse refers to a medical brain disorder that makes the person consume an excessive amount of legal (alcohol, nicotine, prescribed drugs) and illegal drugs (cocaine, marijuana, heroin, etc) both. Whereas chemical dependency means the body becomes dependent on alcohol, drugs, or other such items, and once that consumption is stopped body will suffer from symptoms and side effects.
  • If you are suffering from substance abuse, after detoxification your body will suffer significantly. But in a normal case, you would be able to continue with your life once the treatment is over.
  • The continuous act of substance abuse leads to the condition of chemical dependency. The best way to cure chemical dependency is detoxification under proper medical supervision.

Determine the degree of one's addiction:

Treating any condition requires a proper and correct diagnosis of the degree of addiction. Not all cases of substance abuse mean addiction on the other hand chemical dependency can cause intense health and physical issues. Therefore it is very crucial to understand one’s condition that whether they are suffering from intense or mild addiction. The treatments are carried out based on it because in the case of extreme addiction withdrawal symptoms can be harsh and dangerous for the addict himself which include violent shocks, tremors, anxiety, hallucination, change in appetite and weight, etc.

Type of Treatments:

The type of treatment required is suggested after going through all the above-mentioned points. Every other patient is different so is their journey to recovery. Someone might have a shorter one and some might have to face more difficulties than others. Our W. Palm Beach addiction treatment services include:

  1. Residential Program: It is a 24 hours daycare which is suggested in the extreme case of addiction. The stay may vary from 6 to 12 months where a person is monitored even after their detox period.
  2. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): It is a psychotherapy that is used to treat negative actions and behaviors. Group therapies and one on one sessions are also part of the treatment program.
  3. Medications: They are used to satisfy your cravings and to provide an alternative for substance abuse and to treat any of the side effects that alcohol and drug withdrawal will cause.

The best-suited treatment depends on your condition and other mental and health factors. Our Holistic addiction treatment in West Palm Beach is the perfect place to get the advice of professionals and start your treatment as soon as possible because nothing is more valuable than your precious health. Contact Emerge Recovery for the best holistic recovery services

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