West Palm Beach Inpatient Mental Health

West Palm Beach Inpatient Mental Health

If you’re looking for a competent West Palm Beach inpatient mental health, Emerge Recovery Center is your go-to facility. We offer personalized outpatient services for people dealing with substance addiction and one or more mental health disorders that impact their quality of life drastically.

Do you offer inpatient rehab services?

No, our facility only relies on rehab services operating on an outpatient basis. This includes Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), and Outpatient Program for long-term aftercare and clinical assistance.

Do you treat addiction and co-occurring disorders?

Yes, our treatment protocol allows us to deal with both substance addiction and additional co-occurring mental health disorders. These conditions may include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, high emotional stress and trauma, PTSD, etc. Unlike even the top mental health hospitals in Florida, our center relies on in-depth, personalized treatment to help patients cope with their problems fast and effectively.

What is the Mental Health Program?

Our Mental Health Program is a holistic mental health residential program that relies on customized treatment to ensure safe and lasting recovery. Dealing with aggravated mental disorders is a complicated business, especially when throwing a form of substance addiction in the mix. Our professionals rely on recovery programs like CBT, DBT REBT, or Motivational Interviewing to offer moral, psychological, and spiritual support and assistance.

How does the Mental Health Program work?

Our leading psychiatric residential treatment centers and rehab in Florida provide customized mental health services, meaning that each patient’s recovery experience will be unique and special. The treatment protocol relies on three phases:

  1. Clinical evaluation – Assessing each patient’s clinical profile and mental health status to determine the ideal treatment approach.
  2. Medication and therapy – The treatment will commence, involving medication management, therapy, counseling sessions, and peer support in a healing and comforting environment.
  3. Long-term management – We educate patients on relapse prevention strategies over the years to help them live healthy, balanced, and positive lives moving forward.

How much will the Mental Health Program last?

Determining the program’s length before the evaluation phase is almost impossible due to the many factors that can influence the outcome. Some patients will recover in full after several weeks of treatment, while others may need to stick to the program for months or more. It all varies depending on your condition’s type, severity, length, and other health complications that may come with it. The presence of a form of substance addiction will also influence the program’s duration considerably.

How much does the outpatient program cost?

We offer many Florida mental health treatment programs and rehab services, and their cost also varies depending on numerous factors. If you wish to get a quote, call our experts and ask about our West Palm Beach inpatient mental health programs, costs, and other specifics that might interest you.

You can contact Emerge Recovery Center today and make an appointment for in-depth clinical evaluation and treatment and rehab planning. We offer customizable rehabilitation treatments, mental health services, and patient-oriented care in a supportive and non-judgmental environment that breeds calm, peace, and introspection.

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